Sunday walk,with cats

Today we went for a chill walk on the side streets of Bucharest. It was a bit cold and foggy and there were only few people outside. It felt as we were wandering on the streets after the aliens have landed :)))

But, we encountered some cute and lazy cats either having a talk from the balcony or staring from the window :)).

The chit-chat cats were very funny :)) like some old friends gossiping other friends: “So, how’s Freddy?” “Well, not that good! I’ve heard his owners had a baby and they are neglecting him big time. He even stayed hidden for a whole day and night and nobody seem to look for him! It’s sad!” “Ya, well, he’s though, he’ll land on his feet!”.

As for the window cat, at first I thought she was a plush cat, as she was standing very still :))). But when we approached the window, she moved her head :))) so funny.



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