Blooming start of the year


This is how I started my 2017 🙂

When I came back from the New Year Eve’s city break, I found these beautiful flowers blooming. This is the first year when my orchids are actually blooming and I am very very happy! It’s quite a miracle :). Maybe (and hopefully) this is a good sign for the year ahead of us.

Today I’ve reviewed my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions and made new ones for 2017. I admit that some of them are carried forward from the past years (like more reading, losing weight, more outdoor activities or traveling to new destinations), but some are actually brand new – to invest time in my professional development, to start a business, to build strong and healthy relationships and to participates in events (concerts, plays, training, conferences, etc.). I have to be very organized and persevering to do all these :)).

I wish you all to achieve your goals this year! Even though the state of the world is not so good at the moment, let’s put our individual efforts in doing good things every single day and am I am confident that changes will be seen!

There is hope and beauty in this world! Like these beautiful flowers that started blooming out of the blue 🙂


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