First coloring book

Lately, I’ve seen many coloring books for adults in almost every bookstore I walked in. Even though they’ve started to be published a few years ago, I’ve never had the wish to buy one. Maybe I taught that they are overrated, or too childish…  Anyhow, I did not buy one…until a couple of days ago 🙂

But the story started this summer when a good friend of mine left me some crayons. She bought them for my weeding to entertain the kids that were coming. After the weeding, I still kept them for the kids that will come to our house and would want to draw something :).

The second part of the story is the below excerpt from a book which I’ve just recently managed to finish. (More details about this book you can find here.) So I decided that this year I will try new things, even though I do not give them a lot of credit at first. Maybe it is just MY misperception.


And here it is my first coloring book and my first work-in-progress drawing :). I have to admit that is quite relaxing and a bit addictive :D. But it has also a lot more other benefits as well, being a calming tool, helping you focus and reducing stress.

If you don’t believe me, here are some specialized opinions: TheHuffingtonPost and Lifehack. Enjoy coloring!


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