Book of Maps

I’m so happy that I’ve bought this Book of Maps 🙂 It’s like no other travel book.

For instance, let’s take the map of Romania:Romania

You have there lot of information and attractions that I hope would make you consider Romania for your next weekend, or much better week-break. From Count Dracula, Bran Castle and Decebal’s Statue from the Danube River to the good food that everybody welcomes you with: “sarmale” (cabbage rolls filled with meat and rice), polenta, filled-peppers, you could definitely have some great time in Romania.

Italy…. well who would not like Italy :)Map of Italy

Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome, pizza, pasta and coffee, Italy is, in my opinion, the best escape destination. For sure one of its cities is on my travel list this year.

Next destination where I am thinking of going to is Iceland. It simply fascinates me :)Map of Iceland

What can I say, this Book of Maps is quite interesting, even for us, grown-ups 🙂 I totally recommend it!


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