AntiCafe experience

After a week of very horrible teeth aches, today I could finally enjoy a day without pain. I already told you about my March of sufferings, but it did not ended last weekend, then it was only getting diversified. To cut the story short, last Saturday I had extracted two wisdom teeth (my choice, but somehow at the doctor’s advice) and the dentist did tell me that during the following week (the whole week) I would experience some severe pain and I should take a painkiller every 12 hours. To be totally honest, I taught he was just kidding me, but he proved to be right. Despite of taking painkillers each 12 hours, there were moments when the pain was unbearable. But, with patience and support from my love, I managed to get through this.

And today was a really nice and relaxing day 🙂 We are a bit behind with reading and we wanted to try a different place for reading, that our home. And after removing two wisdom teeth, I need to fill this blank space with some external wisdom :)).

I knew from some time that there is an AntiCafe in Bucharest, but we never went there. So we decided to try it. Seneca AntiCafe is Romania’s first anti-cafe and it is lovely. A lot of books from various domains, in Romanian, English, German, French (this is only what I could notice) and plenty of space to read, work (alone or in teams), an equipped kitchen, tea, lemonade and delicious biscuits. You can also bring your own book, sandwich or coffee, as you pay depending on how much time you spend there. They also have a room without music so you can focus better on your reading / project / work. The books there are for reading and also for sale. A very smart concept! I could stay there everyday! I will certainly return 🙂

If you don’t believe me, I leave you here some pics 🙂 

Seneca AntiCafe BucharestSeneca AntiCafe 2Seneca AntiCafe 5Seneca AntiCafe BucharestSeneca AntiCafe 4

Photo source: mlenyc




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