Coffee endeavors

Today was meant for coffee 🙂

We started our day with a cup of coffee from one of our favorite coffee shops in Bucharest – Origo.  We tried the coffee from Papua New Guinea – with caramel and chocolate aromas and low acidity. Simply awesome! OrigoNext, we headed for the Bucharest Coffee Festival (you may think why we had coffee before going to the coffee festival… well, we just missed having our Saturday morning coffee out) and we came across this beautiful magnolia tree. Lovely!Coffee festival 1After some nice pics, we were finally there. We found some nice coffee passionate people that were happy to share with us the science and alchemy behind awesome coffee! For instance, the guy on the right told us how the coffee beans get their aromas while preparing us a very good espresso. If you are curious, the aromas are taken from the region where the coffee beans are grown, so if one wants chocolate flavored coffee, one has to have cocoa trees around the coffee fields.

Coffe festival 11What we also found out is that the barista is the one controlling the coffee machine and not the other way around :)). His skills and knowledge make the coffee great! And it’s true, not everybody can make a good coffee, even if they have a high-class coffee machine.

They also had a barista competition. This guy was making an Irish coffee.

We really enjoyed having this long “coffee time” 🙂

And I also had a take-away 😀 What can I do, this was too cute not to buy it.

Coffe festival 12

Photos: mlenyc.


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