Eurovision – is anybody still watching?

I have to admit that when I was a kid I really enjoyed watching the Eurovision song contest. I did not know so many things about music back then, but the show was generally nice. And voting as well :).

After growing older I started to notice that the votes were given quite politically – votes usually went to neighboring countries. That was sad because sometimes nice songs were not given the credit they deserved because the band / singer was from a small country.

Now I watch Eurovision as a remembrance of childhood. But this year I was surprised that not so many songs were Sanremo like, and were rather brought to present time – nice beats, lyrics, interpreting. Cool!

The song I like the most is of Kristian Kostov, a 17 year-old boy from Bulgaria. He seems to be very talented and feels his music. I hope he wins 🙂 even though the fact that he is from a small country does not favor him. But I hope that talent will stand out!

Here it is his performance from the semi-finals:

Let’s wish him good luck and vote for him!

A funny story with Eurovision was that from the 2014’s edition I really liked this song (The Common Linnets – Calm After The Storm) and listened it from time to time.

And what I have discovered a couple of months ago was that my husband was listening to the same song (and like it) after 3 years I have known this song :))) I was really happy that we like the same things, even 3 years apart :)).


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