Burger Fest 2017

As any other burger fan, I went yesterday to Bucharest Burger Fest 2017. I ate only one burger (and, guilty, a delicious ice-cream),  but I really enjoyed the event, despite the clouds.

The location is quite big and greenish, even though it is in the middle of the city – it felt that I was somewhere else. The burger offer was various but what I noted was that almost everybody were buying burgers from the same restaurant where they are usually eating. But I tried something different and the burgers were really tasty, though quite small (maybe they reduced them to keep lower prices…).IMG_3874IMG_7856IMG_7857IMG_7859IMG_7860

Flowers were also present 🙂 Big like for these absolutely lovely peonies!Burger Fest 2017 Bucuresti

The night came and music started – ROA and Vita de vie! Because I still don’t have an youtube channel (it’s work in progress), here you can find some live captures from their shows:

And some photos 🙂

Burger Fest 2017 BucurestiIMG_3887IMG_3889IMG_3890IMG_3893IMG_7915IMG_7924


2 Comments Add yours

  1. amaaazing experience!!!! totally insta worthy!! Jsut shared some tips on insta stories up n the blog!!!

    1. mlenyc says:

      Thanks for sharing this!

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