Cheezy weezy love song

Today I stayed home because I caught a nasty cold virus and I felt too sick to go to work. It was not fun and it still isn’t as I’m still sick, despite the teas, the honey, the lemon and grep fruit juices. What else would one wan in a hot summer day :)).

And when I’m usually home alone, I keep the TV on. Today I didn’t want to watch a regular TV channel (to much politics for my taste these days) so I left the TV on a music channel to have a nice background noise, while doing some small work related stuff. I also realized today that my neighbors are renovating – I was enchanted by some drill thrills – simply lovely :)).

In between work, drill thrills and my tea sessions, I come across this song on TV.  It was the first time I heart it and seen the video. For a sick girl with running nose and a bit feverish, this was honey for the soul :)); the mind was in no position to fight back and change the channel :)). So if you’re in for some cheezy weezy love song, this might do the trick 🙂




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