Monday song #87

This post is not about one song, but about an artist, Johnny Cash, and my discovery of a vinyl with a selection of some moments from his TV.

The story begins with many moments when I’ve been hearing his songs played in movies or TV series and I have always mistaken him with The National. Probably for music lovers this is inexcusable, but I have to admit that I did not listen much to Johnny Cash so I do not recognize him.

The story continued this afternoon when I wanted to play something on my vinyl player. Have I told you I have a vinyl player? If not, I am now :). I have it since I was a child and I used it for listening to kids stories. Fortunately, my parents kept it, despite the new technology which conquered almost everything and everyone. This is it and it’s so relaxing to listen to a vinyl playing:

Johnny Cash

So I looked through my records and I found this one with Johnny Cash and I said that it is time to truly listen to Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash

All the songs are wonderful, and this one I want to leave it here. Enjoy!




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