Learning from teenagers

As I previously told you, this year I resumed my reading habits. And one of the first books read was Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso. Among many pragmatical and true thinks she wrote in her book, I keep remembering the following one: I am surprised by the youth culture. I love knowing everything – what they are…

Monday song #96

No more comfort zone … let’s Monday and make the most of it! Enjoy!

Monday song #93

This is a song of a Romanian band – Eyedrops – which I simply love. Their lyrics combined with their performance is magic…

Kings of Leon performed in Bucharest

This Saturday, 17th of June 2017, Kings of Leon performed in Bucharest. It was great, even though it was short :(. I could have listened them all night long! Love them! Here you have a glimpse of their beautiful show:

Monday song #85

“Under the ocean of stars This is your slow dance And this is your chance to transform” I’ve just recently discovered this song it’s on repeat since then 🙂 Enjoy!

Burger Fest 2017

As any other burger fan, I went yesterday to Bucharest Burger Fest 2017. I ate only one burger (and, guilty, a delicious ice-cream),  but I really enjoyed the event, despite the clouds. The location is quite big and greenish, even though it is in the middle of the city – it felt that I was…

My backpack

It’s been a while since I wanted to buy a backpack. But either they were to expensive or I did not like them. Last weekend I found the perfect one – nor too elegant or to casual. It’s perfect for casual and smart casual outfits. Very proud of my acquisition.  

Got tickets!

I just got my tickets to the Kings of Leon concert!!! I am very happy!!! They will perform in Bucharest, Romania, on the 17th of June :). Can’t wait!!! I was very surprised when I found out that they also choose Romania as part of their 2017 tour, but extremely excited!!! Until then, I will enjoy…

Monday song #83

The Easter holidays are still on! Enjoy today some good music!

Coffee endeavors

Today was meant for coffee 🙂 We started our day with a cup of coffee from one of our favorite coffee shops in Bucharest – Origo.  We tried the coffee from Papua New Guinea – with caramel and chocolate aromas and low acidity. Simply awesome! Next, we headed for the Bucharest Coffee Festival (you may think why…

Monday song #77

Late Monday song as time goes by so fast… but what an end of the day – I’ve just heard that Kings of Leon would perform in Bucharest on 17 June!!!!!! What a great news!!! What an album!!! (I’ve both the vinyl version). The tickets for the concert can be both from here. So excited!…