Monday song #90

Let’s enjoy some music while changing our mindset from weekend fun to Monday work!

Monday song #89

I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan, but this song is somehow different and it caught me 🙂 Maybe it’s the summer vibe …. or the wish to take a looooong vacation at the seaside… maybe both :)) Enjoy!

Monday song #88

The only Mondays I like are those when I am on holiday. Still, summer Mondays tend to be more bearable – the sun is shining,  there’s no heavy traffic as kids are on vacation and if I can wake up early, I can even enjoy a good coffee and breakfast with my hubby. The little…

Monday song #87

This post is not about one song, but about an artist, Johnny Cash, and my discovery of a vinyl with a selection of some moments from his TV. The story begins with many moments when I’ve been hearing his songs played in movies or TV series and I have always mistaken him with The National….

Cheezy weezy love song

Today I stayed home because I caught a nasty cold virus and I felt too sick to go to work. It was not fun and it still isn’t as I’m still sick, despite the teas, the honey, the lemon and grep fruit juices. What else would one wan in a hot summer day :)). And…

Monday song #86

After the Kings of Leon euphoria, I’ve hold my horses a bit and listened to other artists too. So I come across this new song of Lorde. It’s quite nice. I hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

Kings of Leon performed in Bucharest

This Saturday, 17th of June 2017, Kings of Leon performed in Bucharest. It was great, even though it was short :(. I could have listened them all night long! Love them! Here you have a glimpse of their beautiful show:         

Monday song #85

“Under the ocean of stars This is your slow dance And this is your chance to transform” I’ve just recently discovered this song it’s on repeat since then 🙂 Enjoy!

Monday song #84

This song got stuck in my head and I want to share it with you. I heard it at first on radio without knowing its name, but it was not hard to find its video. It’s very lively and Irish :)). I like the ending – that lovely attic with an awesome view over the…

Eurovision – is anybody still watching?

I have to admit that when I was a kid I really enjoyed watching the Eurovision song contest. I did not know so many things about music back then, but the show was generally nice. And voting as well :). After growing older I started to notice that the votes were given quite politically –…

Got tickets!

I just got my tickets to the Kings of Leon concert!!! I am very happy!!! They will perform in Bucharest, Romania, on the 17th of June :). Can’t wait!!! I was very surprised when I found out that they also choose Romania as part of their 2017 tour, but extremely excited!!! Until then, I will enjoy…

Monday song #83

The Easter holidays are still on! Enjoy today some good music!